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"Crack the Multi-Billion Dollar Publishing "Insider's Code" to creating Business Books, Novels, Kids Books, Self-Help Guides, DIY Journals, Planners, Workbooks and More!"
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Refund Policy: Due to the astronomical value and the included materials which match 
exactly the offer described on this page, no refunds are available for this training program.
Everything you need for book publishing success is right here, so read on...

Hey Future Book Publishing Expert!

We are so excited for you to be here!

Have you had the thought of publishing your own books and actually making a business out of it, but just didn't know where to begin or you got caught up in the details and research that just seem like hard-to-find secrets? Well, we are going to give you the solutions to the most common questions right here and now...

You're going to want to read every word on this page, because we're going to answer every question we've gotten from our clients.

You see, over the past few years, Kristen Joy has single-handedly published works across multiple niche markets and built her own publishing empire. Natalie Marie Collins has walked her private coaching clients through the process and helped them tackle critical blocks keeping them from success. You'll hear directly from these awesome students below in the testimonials! 

What's more, we've now taken everything that Kristen has taught them for the past several years, and made it available for YOU in one easy step-by-step, process-by-process, fully indexed membership site that trains you in all aspects of the book publishing process and gives you the insight and experience you need to be a success in this massively growing publishing industry.
"I understand, but isn’t the whole industry just over-saturated with too many books and controlled by massive publishing conglomerates that control the marketplace—and no money left to be made?"
The truth is, there is massive growth in the book industry, with absolutely no signs of slowing down. Not only that, with all the new technologies in print-on-demand and short run printing (which you’ll learn all about when you join), there is more opportunity now for small and independent publishers than there has ever been.

Kristen personally built her publishing empire into multiple six-figures, and we know with the tools you will get from us, you can be successful, too!
That’s great, but isn’t the whole publishing process complicated and hard to learn?
We understand the whole book writing, publishing, marketing, and distribution process can seem daunting when you look at it from the outside in, but we will show you step-by-step exactly how to:
  • ​Get started with the proper mindset and processes. 
  • ​What you need to concern yourself with as you begin and what you can take care of farther down the line while you progress. 
  • ​What steps you can handle yourself versus different opportunities to outsource the tasks you don't want to do yourself. This includes book artwork, structure, editing, layout, and even marketing. 
  • ​Handle all the technical details like copyright notices, ISBN numbers, formatting specifics, book sizes, front and back matter, and more... Like a pro! 
You see, we've been teaching authors, coaches, entrepreneurs and publishers for years how to simplify the book production process and crank out carefully crafted books and publish and market them into success! 

As you read further, you'll discover that we are including all the courses, resources and support products we've personally created that walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

By this time next month, you could be releasing your own, uniquely designed life, business, or professional book, kids book...

You could even release your own brand of journals!

The best part is, you don't have to be a designer, author or artist to capitalize on this wildly profitable industry and you don't have to figure it out the hard way and fail miserably like so many other authors unfortunately do!

And you definitely don't have to take out a second mortgage to afford this more-practical-action-taking-info-than-a-college-education membership. In fact, you'll be SHOCKED at the lower-than-a-cheap-cup-of-coffee-per-day investment!

Let’s walk through each of the full course curriculums we’ve developed for our students—only right here on this page and ONLY for a limited time, YOU will get to access ALL of them for just a fraction of their original cost and what others have had to pay...

...that’s right—you get access to them ALL!

The Book Ninja Proudly Presents...
Included in The Book Ninja Academy are ALL the live support, trainings and resources you see listed below!
And the best part about The Book Ninja Academy is that you can start anywhere. With courses ranging from how to create your first journal to how to get featured on TV, this is the author membership that grows with you... so when you're ready for that next step in your author journey, you'll have the exact trainings and resources you need at your fingertips!
See What's Inside The Academy
"I had 3 choices: 1) Continue trying to figure things out on my own, without much success; 2) Give up on my dreams; or 3) Invest in achieving my dream with an expert. I chose the third option and it changed my life! The Book Ninja Academy gave me more laser-focused, step-by-step instructions in 30 minutes than I could figure out on my own in 30 weeks."

Tracy Tennant
NEW for late 2019!
Weekly Apex Authors Coaching Sessions!
You're no longer alone! Jay Boyer is one of the smartest guys in self-publishing that I know, and we have teamed up to give you access to his weekly Apex Author coaching sessions.
  • LIVE: At least 4 times per month, you can join in on a live coaching session on GoToWebinar.
  • Expert Advice: Instantly tap into years of experience and expertise. Shortcut your road to success!
  • Archived: We understand time zone issues as we have members all over the world. That's why all calls will be recorded and available within 24 hours. You'll have ongoing access as long as you're a member!
  • Pre-Call Questions: Since we can't possibly cater to all time zones around the globe, you'll be able to submit your questions at least 24 hours in advance of each call via our online community, then come back and check out the recordings for our answers.
Sold Separately For: $49/month
Publishing Courses 
The Signature Collection
The Signature Collection includes comprehensive book publishing courses for both print and Kindle publishing. With well over 26 hours of education in this series alone, we challenge you to find a more complete book publishing training anywhere else.

From setting yourself up as a competitive author-publisher to how to publish others and build your own six-figure publishing empire, these extensive courses cover every scenario and everything you need to know to be a success!
Book Publishing Ninja
Learn how to become a profitable book publisher of your own books or even of other's books, Kindle, Print, Journals and more!
  • Branding: Secrets to standing out from the crowd.
  • Registrations: Step-by-step tutorials that walk you through everywhere you need to register your books and business.
  • Six-Figure Success: How to track projects and manage your team.
  • Best Formats & Distribution: The best book sizes, formats, book sales strategies, and more!
  • Become a Pro Publisher: TOP SECRET industry secrets revealed to help you create a successful publishing company.
Sold Separately For: $497
Instant Self-Publishing Ninja
All the mechanics of starting and launching your own successful book, packaged into one ultimate course designed to shortcut your way to success in just a few days.
  • Book Writing Ninja Moves: How to generate, manage, and write your ideas like a pro.
  • Create Your Book: Learn expert book planning and creation processes to help you get your book looking like it deserves.
  • Publish Your Book: Industry ins and outs of how to publish your book and avoid disastrous rookie mistakes.
  • Market Like A Ninja: Learn simple ways to market your book, along with expert strategy secrets to selling.
Sold Separately For: $497
Advanced Publishing Ninja
Beyond the basics: going into the nitty-gritty start-to-finish process of handling publishing projects for others.
  • Niche Publishing: In-depth training on setting your publishing business in a powerful, profitable niche... without sacrificing your passion.
  • Start-To-Finish Strategy: How to get and handle 10K+ high-end clients.
  • Copyright Infringement: How to keep your cool and handle copyright infringement to make sure you're staying legal (and keeping others legal).
  • Bonus: 300+ step team checklist so you won't miss a single step in the process for a client. 
Sold Separately For: $497
Kindle In 30 Challenge
Exclusive only to the Book Ninja Academy - full training and self-paced 30-day challenge to help you get your next kindle book written and published on Amazon in 30 days.
  • Motivation: Finally FINISH writing your Kindle book!
  • Marketing: Step-by-step training on how to prep to launch and market your Kindle book successfully.
  • Weekly Training: Set up in easy-to-follow weekly lessons to help keep you on track.
Sold Separately For: $497
It's time for you to access the most comprehensive collection of author training courses available online!
Sign Up Now and Get Started Today!
Only $49/Month
 (Normally $97/Month)
Purchased separately the entire The Book Ninja Academy collection would be $11,035!

HINT: Keep your monthly membership active and get EVERY NEW product and training by The Book Ninja for FREE as long as you're a member!

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"Are you kidding me?! You are like my pot of gold... full of valuable nuggets. I have purchased and implemented several of your courses to be the ultimate publisher for my clients. Thank you for all the value."

Jessica Butler
"Totally packed, totally worth it, down-to-earth, tried-and-true, can-use-it-starting-RIGHT-NOW advice. What could be more awesome?"

Jenifer Joy Madden
Author's Quick Course Series
The Author's Quick Course Series includes topic-specific training courses to help you finish writing fast and make money with your book.

From kids' book publishing and getting quality book reviews to how to make your non-fiction book a best seller and create a rabid fan base, this series will give you the tools you desire for your specific needs!
How To Make Money With Your Lead-Generating Kindle Book
Discover the 6 little "secrets" to rake in money hand over fist using 99-cent Kindle books.
  • Profitable End Of Your Book: What to put after your content (and what not to) so you generate instant cash.
  • Create Repeat Buyers: The magic formula to keep your customers engaged and buying over and over from you.
  • Money Making Myth Busting: The biggest myth holding you back from making big money and how to bust it.
Sold Separately For: $97
How To Make Your Book A Best Seller
The no B.S. approach to getting your book on Amazon's best seller list that will truly change your bottom line.
  • Best Sellers List: How to hit and STAY on Amazon's best seller list for at least a week or longer so you can have the credibility of a REAL best-selling author.
  • Attracting Readers: How to turn your website and book content into words your readers can't get enough of.
  • Time Management: How to find time to run your best-seller campaign.
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $197
How To Stay Focused & Motivated To Write, Publish & Market Your Book
  • ​How to activate BOTH sides of your brain for the best problem-solving ability.
  • ​The best brain food to recharge when you're drained.
  • ​Kristen's TOP 15 tricks to ELIMINATE (yes it is possible) distractions.
  • ​How to find accountability and encouragement to stay focused and on task.
  • ​The Book Ninja strategy to finish what you start...whether that is writing, getting published or tackling a pesky marketing tactic!
Sold Separately For: $97
Design A Book Cover That Sells
Your Book Only Has 3 Seconds to Make Its Critical First Impression on Potential Buyers. Make it Count.
  • ​The essentials of graphic design, how book design is different, and why this directly impacts your potential sales.
  • ​How to properly use color to draw in your readers… and get them to open their wallets.
  • ​Where to get high quality images, how to properly use them, and how to keep your cover from looking like Google threw up on a Tabloid.
  • ​How to make it easy for your customers to find and buy every book you write in a series.
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $97
How To Find Your Target Market & Engage Your Fans
Learn the secrets successful authors use to expand their reach and build a tribe of tens of thousands of loyal followers.
  • ​How to nail down your perfect reader.
  • ​Reaching your perfect reader where they live to making them want to buy everything you have and tell all their friends about you.
  • ​Step-by-step instructions on how to create your Target Market Profile so you don't waste your time looking for sales in all the wrong places.
  • ​Secrets that cover your marketing funnel, list building, in-person networking, social media, website, and more!
Sold Separately For: $97
How To Get More High Quality Book Reviews
The ins and outs of getting the high quality book reviews you DESERVE!
  • ​The truth about book reviews. (And the direct impact they have on your sales.)
  • ​How to use reviews to build your tribe.
  • ​The must-haves to have in place for book reviewers.
  •  The exact process of working with book reviewers (both free and paid).
  • ​And much more!
Sold Separately For: $97
The 5-Minute Miracle To Double Your Business
Take Control of Your Future and Get the Tools You Need to Achieve Your Dreams... and Increase Your Income!
  • ​Tackle the most common time-suckers... and how to keep them from sucking all your time away.
  • ​How to determine exactly where your time is being wasted... and how to transform those times to profit.
  • ​How to keep from being side-tracked by editing or research while you write so you can stay focused and get your book published and selling sooner.
  • ​And much more!
Sold Separately For: $97
Kids' Book Creation
Get UN-stuck from the "What do I do now?" syndrome and take control of your ideas, your kids' books, and your future in the very lucrative children's publishing market!
  • ​What the best-selling writing style for kids' books is (and how to apply it to your own ideas).
  • ​Writing secrets the pro kids' book authors use.
  • The best methods to create your own illustrations... and they're not what you might think!
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $97
The BOOK NINJA ACADEMY is By Far the MOST Comprehensive Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing Training Available on the Internet Today.
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"Simply great! All the info-loaded sessions packed with energy inside all the information and hands-on demos - Kristen just is such a dedicated teacher and you know too that she really is right there with you wanting you to succeed! Wow - how great!"

Jackie Pollock
"These courses are fantastic! I love that they show you how to put elements together to create a professional looking book. Each program demoed has its strengths and weaknesses and they show you how to make the most of each one of them and how to make them work together. Lots of great ideas."

Donna Woody
Book Creation Design Labs
The Book Creation Design Lab Series includes step-by-step training courses for specific niche books such as journals, planners, workbooks, cookbooks, board books, etc.

From how to lay out and design these types of books to how to print, publish and market them, these comprehensive courses give you every step of the process in an easy-to-follow format!
Anthology Design Lab
Work with writers, design, publish AND market your own awesome anthology book easier, quicker and more beautifully than you’ve ever imagined! It's anthology books finally made SIMPLE!
  • ​The most popular niches for anthology books on the market and how to use them to generate your own anthology book ideas.
  • ​Where to find writers to write your chapters for you, even if you don't have existing contacts!
  • ​From Pay to Play to how to pay contributors... Your publishing model options unique to the anthology industry clearly explained.
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $97
Board Book Design Lab
Write, design, publish AND market your own board book for kids easier, quicker and more beautifully than you’ve ever imagined! It's board books finally made SIMPLE!
  • ​The exact elements to put inside your board books to make them the perfect books customers will buy and recommend to their friends.
  • ​How to easily write these books for young kids, including what's best for each age group, how to format an existing picture book into a board book and more! 
  • ​Live writing and software demos that break down the process step-by-step and make it easy.
Sold Separately For: $97
Cookbook Design Lab
Compile, design and publish your own awesome
cookbook easier, quicker and more beautifully than you’ve ever imagined!
  • ​Where to find source material for your cookbooks even if you don't cook!
  • EXACTLY FROM SCRATCH step-by-step demos of how to lay out the interior and cover in design programs for BOTH Mac AND PC.
  • ​From full color interiors to spiral binding, where to go and what to expect to produce a high quality printed book.
Sold Separately For: $97
Inspiration Book Design Lab
Write, design, publish AND market your own awesome "Feel Good" inspirational books easier, quicker and more beautifully than you’ve ever imagined!
  • ​Full color interior examples done in the easiest-to-use FREE design program online... All using public domain.
  • ​Kristen's personal Top 10 Inspiration Book Marketing Methods from getting your book into hospitals to exponentially increasing your book sales!
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $97
Journal Design Basics
Tap into the Growing Money-Making Book Trend that Will Endure the Test of Time!
  • ​EXACT step-by-step demos of how to create a high quality journal cover, including the spine, dimensions, where to get images and MORE! (With Photoshop AND Adobe InDesign tutorials that work on BOTH Mac AND PC!)
  • ​EXACTLY FROM SCRATCH step-by-step demos of how to lay out the interior of your book page by page, with page numbers, how to do margins (and EASILY create those pesky lined pages) in design programs for BOTH Mac AND PC: PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign.
  • ​This is The Book Ninja's most popular training!
Sold Separately For: $247
Advanced Journal Design
Take your Basic Journal Design skills to the next level with up-to-date industry updates, advanced InDesign training for cover AND internal design, advanced marketing strategies like virtual book tours and TV appearances and so much more!
  • ​How to make your Journal stand OUT from the pack: Industry updates, what's happening RIGHT NOW and the steps you must take to be a profitable journal publisher!
  • ​Novice to PRO Journal Book Cover Design tricks.
  • ​Full-color interior layout demos and the best sources to print full-color journals.
  • And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $197
Planner Design Lab
Planners, Planners, Everywhere! But there'll be none like yours, not here, nor there. you'll create your own, and you'll keep all your hair, and opportunity to make money... yeah, there's that cool part, too!
  • ​The most popular planner styles on the market and how to make them niche-specific to create the perfect one-of-a-kind product your audience will love to buy every time they need a new planner.
  • ​The importance of evergreen planners and how to create them so you can sell them over and over again at ANY time of the year.
  • ​Cover and interior design demos specifically for planners, including how to generate calendars.
Sold Separately For: $247
Workbook Design Lab
Leapfrog to the front of the class, grab your goggles, and be prepared to create your very own AWESOME Workbook by the end of this AMAZING training experience!
  • ​All the step-by-step training (complete with look-over-my-shoulder demonstrations of each production-process and the best creation methods) you need to create your own beautiful, simple, and marketable Workbook.
  • ​How to price your workbook to SELL, compete and still make money, and a complete session JUST on the best marketing methods that work for workbooks!
  • And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $97
The BOOK NINJA ACADEMY is By Far the MOST Comprehensive Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing Training Available on the Internet Today.
Purchased separately the entire The Book Ninja Academy collection would be $11,035!

HINT: Keep your monthly membership active and get EVERY NEW product and training by The Book Ninja for FREE as long as you're a member!

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"Thank you, thank you for training sessions jam-packed with usable information. I came into class wanting to learn how to create one type of book and came out with a plan to set up my own publishing company, preview knowledge of publishing software, and a new group of writing peers. You delivered above and beyond my expectations. Your homework assignments mesh with the flow of creative ideas and I also came out with plans for projects. Your classes deliver quality material plus a mindset change. Thanks again!"

Lana Jackson
"Last night I was so overloaded with information. When I went to bed, I was pretty sure I couldn't pull this off. Fast forward to this afternoon and I have the book fully sketched out on paper! Plus, I made a promise to a friend that I'd have the mock up ready the next time I see him (in a couple weeks). You have totally delivered above and beyond expectations. Merci!"

Heidi Van 't Riet
Authorpreneur Mastery Series
The Authorpreneur Mastery Series was originally created to deep dive into topic-specific advanced marketing strategies you can use to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

From how to build your marketing platform and list to Facebook marketing, virtual book tours and out-of-the-box marketing strategies, this comprehensive book marketing series gives you exactly what you need to increase your reach, impact, and the money in your bank account!
Create Your 3-Month Marketing Plan In Less Than 1 Hour
This high-value introductory and comprehensive book marketing training will give you every tool you need to create, implement and ACT on your effective book marketing plan in 3 easy-to-follow sessions.
  • ​Dozens of low- and no-cost marketing tactics designed to save you money.
  • ​Packaging, Celebrities & Reaching Thousands.
  • ​Step-by-step demo of how to create your Marketing Plan in a way that won't overwhelm you.
Sold Separately For: $127
Build Your Successful Marketing Platform
Learn how to build your own successful author marketing platform and maximize your promotion effectiveness online and off!
  • ​Branding elements that work for all types of authorpreneurs.
  • ​Where and how to build in multiple streams of income.
  • ​Bringing it all together... branding, products, services and your ideal customer.
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $197
R.E.A.C.H. Your Perfect Customer
The foundational system you need to create a complete marketing strategy for not only your brilliant book, but the entire business platform around your book. Get ready to be amazed by how powerful and simple it is to take your authorpreneur brilliance to the next, profit-growing level!
  • ​The complete and simple Ninja-fied system for scoping out your ideal customer.
  • ​Strategies for recognizing and defining the brilliance you bring to your tribe.
  • ​Exactly where to find "your people"!
Sold Separately For: $197
List Building For Authors
Discover the exact list-building secrets we've used to build a list of over 30,000 engaged and excited readers and action takers, including the step-by-step do-this-and-you'll-win outline to building your own unique and powerful list as an author and entrepreneur!
  • ​The best platforms and systems for simple, powerful list management.
  • ​Autoresponders--from the basics to a great setup and putting them to work for you.
  • ​Advanced list building techniques to maximize your efforts.
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $197
Power-Packed Pen Names
From the marketing position you should choose to legal ramifications and considerations through every step in choosing, implementing, marketing and profiting with a Pen Name... this high level Authorpreneur Mastery approach to Pen Names is a must for anyone interested in creating a multifaceted business using books and products!
  • ​When and when NOT to use a pen name.
  • ​How to choose your pen name (and not be cheesy, boring, or obvious).
  • ​How to brand yourself as a pen name... from headshots to websites and so much more!
Sold Separately For: $137
Facebook Marketing Secrets
Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising tools for an Authorpreneur who is focused on building a following, and increasing profits. 
  • ​Posting for optimal engagement & reach.
  • ​Pages and/or Groups, which is best for authors, books & business.
  • ​Graphics, videos, surveys, contests and more.
  • ​Demystifying FB ads, boosting posts and more!
Sold Separately For: $147
How To Easily Create An Awesome & Fun Virtual Book Tour
This course is for authorpreneurs who are ready to market their books with the ultimate marketing tool: the virtual book tour!
  • ​Everything you need to build a solid foundation and platform for a super awesome virtual book tour.
  • ​How to construct your multi-use Media Kit (including graphics, headshots, book cover images, making 3D images, putting it all online and MORE).
  • ​All the tools you need to make contact with promoters and get them to say “yes!”
  • ​What to do throughout the book tour event, and so much more!
Sold Separately For: $197
Weird & Wacky Ways To Market Your Book
The Book Ninja's exclusive training, mentoring and implementing program exclusively for authors who want to make money.
  • ​How to use your book to BOOST your reach, marketing and add a few more zeros to your royalty checks.
  • ​Turn your ideas and expertise into the profitable cash flow you want.
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $197
Design & Print Your Own Marketing Materials
How to Create Your OWN Marketing Materials and Save Thousands of Dollars on "Professional" Designers!
  • ​How to make your marketing materials stand out and get noticed by your ideal readers.
  • ​How to DESIGN... Step-by-Step
  • ​How to brand your marketing to fit your book and/or business.
  • ​How to use multiple design programs, including free and paid.
  • ​And so much more!
Sold Separately For: $197
Blogging For Authors
This 4-session LIVE training will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to set up, manage, AND drive traffic to your own blog site... as well as increase your profits by blogging for others!
  • ​How to target the perfect audience through your blog.
  • ​How to turn your love of writing into a cash-cow profit machine.
  • ​How to get traffic to your blog. (Genre-specific break down!)
  • ​What exactly consumers are looking for... and how to target your site to meet their deepest wants.
  • ​And much more!
Sold Separately For: $97
"Your blogging course is awesome. I learned a tremendous amount in just four sessions! There are other courses out there, but yours is perfect for authors. Your demos are amazing. The critiques are extremely helpful with actionable ways to improve. Love it!"

Ricki Linksman
It's time for you to access the most comprehensive collection of author training courses available online!
Purchased separately the entire The Book Ninja Academy collection would be $11,035!

HINT: Keep your monthly membership active and get EVERY NEW product and training by The Book Ninja for FREE as long as you're a member!

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"Thank you for sharing your passion, wisdom, skills and resources! I am motivated to FINALLY write my first book. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and now motivation to do something on my own!"

Sandy Rogers
"My publishing company, Realization Press, has taken off since starting to work with Kristen."

Drew Becker
General Courses
The Book Ninja General Courses all stand alone separate from any course series. They cover the basics of writing, publishing and marketing and are a great place to start.

From how to activate your inner creativity and create simple book trailers to how to turn your Kindle book into print and use Canva to design journals, these basic courses give you step-by-steps to follow to get 'er done!
Ninja Publishing Secrets
Get the TRUTH about book publishing from an industry leading expert... This introductory course is a great starting point for any newbie author.
  • Your Publishing Options and how to match the perfect one with your specific goals.
  • Kindle vs. "Real" Book and which ones sell the most and make you more money.
  • The No-Bull Real-World Cost to Self-Publish and how to cut it and save thousands of dollars.
  •  Is Publishing Right for You? And other important questions about your worth as an author... answered.
Sold Separately For: $497
Kindle To Print Challenge Boot Camp
Boost your business and stand out from the crowd by turning your Kindle book into a printed, bound, hard-copy, paper book! This 30 Day Boot Camp will show you how.
  • Fine Tuning: How to fine tune your book before you send it off to print.
  •  Step-By-Step: Every step you need to take from beginning to end of the publishing process.
  • Your Platform: Everything you need to know to build and market from your platform.
Sold Separately For: $297
Canva Journal Design
This step-by-step, easy to implement system will have you designing and publishing a profit pulling journal for YOUR Niche, in RECORD Time!
  • ​Speed up your learning process with Canva tips and tricks. 
  • ​How to set that pesky spine width for your journal.
  • ​Specific design tutorials for niches like gratitude journals, holiday journals, genealogy journals, recipe journals, mythological creature journals, food journals, gardening journals and MORE! 
  • ​Save time with follow-along training and money using the free Canva platform!
Sold Separately For: $97
Finish The Book!
The simple 12-Step System to tear down the writing wall and finally FINISH THE BOOK!
  • ​5 Procrastination-Busting strategies to implement immediately and nip all those pesky excuses in the bud once and for all!
  • ​How to find your writing direction, the meaning behind it and how use it to maximize your writing time - NEVER wander around looking for a "way to go" again!
  • ​Practical writing exercises that will make you see results as soon as you complete them.
Sold Separately For: $197

This is your chance to learn from industry experts who have been there and done that, and who have built a multi-6-figure publishing EMPIRE!

Purchased separately the entire The Book Ninja Academy collection would be $11,035!

HINT: Keep your monthly membership active and get EVERY NEW product and training by The Book Ninja for FREE as long as you're a member!

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"WOW! Incredible! Thank you Kristen Joy, I woke this morning with all kinds of ideas to create a series of books that combines my art background, creativity coaching and spirituality! So grateful for you!"

Catherine M. Foster
Exclusive Book Ninja Resources
These multi-bundles of templates, checklists, tracking systems and royalty-free image packs will save you a ton of time, energy and money while you write, publish and market your books!
Book Writing Checklists
Fiction Book Cover Templates
Scrivener Templates
Book Marketing Checklists
Ultimate Book Review Tracking System
Best-Seller Campaign Tracking System
MS Word Book Templates
50 Ultimate Book Titles Template
"Thanks to The Book Ninja Academy for all her phenomenal checklists! I wouldn't have been able to get all accomplished for a new book series, as well as keep track of things yet to do, without them! Super thanks to a Ninja Superwoman!"

Phoebe Ezell
And Your Academy Membership Contains So Much More!

Weekly Co-Working Hours
Join us for focused virtual co-working space to get your writing projects done once and for all. You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in 1 hour inside this group time.
  • Focused: Actual butt-in-seat writing time (no training - just working).
  • Productive: Everyone writes with you, enhancing your accomplishments.
  • Powerful: You'll get so much done!
Community Co-Working Room
Can't join the virtual co-working space live? Not to worry, there is a community co-working Zoom room available for you to use any time. 
  • Focused: Actual butt-in-seat writing time - ANYTIME! 
  • Productive: Write on YOUR schedule... and invite anyone else in the community to join you!
  • Powerful: You'll get so much done!
Connect with your fellow writers inside the live calls and through the private Facebook Group to get help and accountability along the way.
  • LIVE: Connect with others that are on the same path as you.
  •  Expert Advice: Instantly tap into years of experience and expertise within the community.
  •  Accountability: Get supported with your goals.
NEW Guest Instructor Trainings
We've joined forces with NEW guest instructors to bring you ongoing training to keep you up to date on the latest trends in the publishing industry!
  • Rounded: Additional perspectives from other publishing industry experts.
  • Savings: You'll get access to these trainings without having to purchase them separately. This is worth more than double your monthly membership rate alone!
Are you ready to dive in and change your publishing life?
Purchased separately the entire The Book Ninja Academy collection would be $11,035!

HINT: Keep your monthly membership active and get EVERY NEW product and training by The Book Ninja for FREE as long as you're a member!
"One of the most valuable aspects of Kristen's excellent courses is the power of the private Facebook group. Everyone is responsive and supportive. It goes a long way toward helping you achieve your best and fastest work. I highly recommend you join us!"

Jeanette Cates
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I retain access to products and trainings I already purchased from The Book Ninja?
Absolutely! If you purchased anything from The Book Ninja with Lifetime Access, you'll retain access as long as The Book Ninja is around (and we don't plan on going anywhere). You'll also have the option to upgrade to Lifetime Access at any point for any individual product or training from within the Members Page for that product/training, should you wish to end your subscription but retain access to specific products.
Would my membership rate remain the same when it renews, or will it go up?
Your investment in The Book Ninja Academy is locked in at the rate you pay when you first sign up. And yes, we may raise the price, so lock it in now while the membership remains open for registrations!
I've bought a lot from you. Seems unfair that you're trying to sell me all this stuff again. Can I get a discount?
This program is a subscription, not Lifetime Access. If you purchased other products and trainings from The Book Ninja, you retain Lifetime Access to ALL those products and trainings even though this level of access is no longer available for purchase for any past or new products and trainings from The Book Ninja. The Book Ninja Academy is a way that you can get access to everything created under The Book Ninja brand for one very low monthly or annual subscription fee. In addition, beginning January 1, 2019 all new products and trainings created for The Book Ninja brand and licensed expert trainings will only be available via The Book Ninja Academy membership. In order to keep access to everything in the Academy, you must keep your Academy membership active (paid up).
I bought the Authopreneur Mastery Lifetime Membership when you offered it. How is this different?
The Authorpreneur Mastery Lifetime Membership was a limited-time advance access program we offered that gives you Lifetime Access to EVERY AM course created under The Book Ninja brand. You will retain that Lifetime Access to every AM course just as you would any other course you purchased Lifetime Access for. The Authorpreneur Mastery Collection is one small part The Book Ninja Academy. While you keep Lifetime Access to the AM courses, the Academy gives you subscription access (ongoing as long as your membership is active and paid) to EVERY The Book Ninja Academy course and product ever created, including additional live and support benefits not available through any other program.
What about courses The Book Ninja created with JV partners?
Courses such as Hidden Millionaire Secrets created with John S. Rhodes and any courses and products under the Writing is Art brand are not included in The Book Ninja Academy membership. All training programs, courses, templates, checklists and other products created solely under The Book Ninja brand are included, which is one heck of a deal!
Does this membership include one-on-one coaching?
No. Kristen does not currently offer any one-on-one coaching and Natalie coaches on an interview-basis level only. In other words, you have to qualify to coach one-on-one with her. However, as a bonus to The Book Ninja Academy, we have added twice-monthly Open Office Hours and ongoing community support where you can get advice, insights, feedback, and accountability support from Kristen, Natalie and your fellow students.
How long is does my membership last?
As long as you want it to. It auto-renews every month for monthly subscribers or every year on the same date you originally subscribed. So if you're a monthly subscriber and you initially subscribed on January 3rd, you'll be billed on the 3rd of every month until you cancel. If you're an annual subscriber and you purchased on April 17th, your purchase will auto-renew on April 17th of the next year unless you cancel.
Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes you can. Please keep in mind memberships are not pro-rated, so when you cancel you'll retain access until your membership for the term you paid for expires. So if you're a monthly member and purchased on January 3rd, then you cancel on March 15th, you'll retain access until April 2nd and will not be re-billed on April 3rd.
Will I get new trainings and products?
As long as you're a member in good standing (i.e. currently paid), you'll receive EVERYTHING The Book Ninja creates.
As Always
All of your trainings and products are ALWAYS available to you in your members area, as long as you're a subscriber (or upgrade to Lifetime Access to any individual product or training). Allow about 30 minutes to receive your Welcome email and login information.

It's time for you to take control of your authorship!
Purchased separately the entire The Book Ninja Academy collection would be $11,035!

HINT: Keep your monthly membership active and get EVERY NEW product and training by The Book Ninja for FREE as long as you're a member!
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