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"Crack the Multi-Billion Dollar Publishing "Insider's Code" to creating Business Books, Novels, Kids Books, Self-Help Guides, DIY Journals, Planners, Workbooks and More!"
Even If You Have Absolutely NO Design Experience, NO Marketing Experience, NO Publishing Experience!
The Academy is Currently CLOSED. Watch for it to re-open in Fall 2018!
NOTE: All Book Ninja Courses are available for purchase at any time for Lifetime Access. The Subscription License Access through The Book Ninja Academy only opens a few times per year.
Frequently Asked Questions
When will The Book Ninja Academy re-open?
Kristen typically re-opens the academy as a subscription option when she launches a new Book Ninja course. She teaches 3-4 NEW courses every year. This re-opening of the Academy is at her discretion and may not always occur.

Will I retain access to products and trainings I already purchased from The Book Ninja?
Absolutely! If you purchased anything from The Book Ninja with Lifetime Access, you'll retain access as long as The Book Ninja is around (and we don't plan on going anywhere). You'll also have the option to upgrade to Lifetime Access at any point for any individual product or training from within the Members Page for that product/training, should you wish to end your subscription but retain access to specific products.

Would my annual membership remain the same when it renews in a year, or will it go up?
Your investment in The Book Ninja Academy is locked in at the rate you pay when you first sign up. And yes, we may raise the price, so lock it in when the membership is open for registrations!

If I lock in to the monthly rate, can I upgrade and get the current yearly price in a few weeks?
You can enroll at the monthly rate and upgrade to the annual plan whenever you like. However, if the pricing changes, you'll pay whatever the current annual plan rate is at the time of your upgrade. Please email to get assistance with your annual upgrade.

I've bought a lot from you. Seems unfair that you're trying to sell me all this stuff again. Can I get a discount?
This program is a subscription, not Lifetime Access. If you purchased other products and trainings from The Book Ninja, you retain Lifetime Access to ALL those products and trainings. The Book Ninja Academy is a way that you can get access to everything Kristen has personally created (excluding partner programs, coaching and non-Book-Ninja programs) for one very low monthly or annual subscription fee. In order to keep access to everything in the Academy (current and new), you must either keep your Academy membership active (paid up) or purchase Lifetime Access for the trainings you wish to keep access to.

Can I add on Lifetime Access to any trainings or products in addition to the subscription?
Yes, you can! And you'll keep Lifetime Access to those purchases should you ever cancel your subscription.

I bought the Authopreneur Mastery Lifetime Membership when you offered it. How is this different?
The Authorpreneur Mastery Lifetime Membership was a limited-time advance access program we offered that gives you Lifetime Access to EVERY AM course The Book Ninja will ever create. You will retain that Lifetime Access to every current AM course and future AM course created. The Authorpreneur Mastery Collection is one tiny part of The Book Ninja Academy. While you keep Lifetime Access to ALL AM courses now and created in the future, the Academy gives you subscription access (ongoing as long as your membership is active and paid) to EVERY The Book Ninja Academy course and product that ever was or will be created.

What about courses The Book Ninja created with JV partners?
Courses such as Hidden Millionaire Secrets created with John S. Rhodes and Book Writing Challenge and Book Writing Monthly created with Natalie Marie Collins are not included in The Book Ninja Academy membership. All training programs, courses, templates, checklists and other products created solely under The Book Ninja brand are included, which is one heck of a deal!

Does this membership include one-on-one coaching?
No. Kristen coaches on an interview-basis level only. In other words, you have to qualify to coach one-on-one with her. However, as a bonus to The Book Ninja Academy, we have a highly active Book Ninja Students Facebook Group where you can get advice, insights, feedback, and accountability support from your fellow students. And yes, Kristen herself hangs out in there as well. :)

How long is does my membership last?
As long as you want it to. It auto-renews every month for monthly subscribers or every year on the same date you originally subscribed. So if you're a monthly subscriber and you initially subscribed on January 3rd, you'll be billed on the 3rd of every month until you cancel. If you're an annual subscriber and you purchased on April 17th, your purchase will auto-renew on April 17th of the next year unless you cancel.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes you can. Please keep in mind memberships are not pro-rated, so when you cancel you'll retain access until your membership until the term you paid for expires. So if you're a monthly member and purchased on January 3rd, then you cancel on March 15th, you'll retain access until April 2nd and will not be re-billed on April 3rd.

Will I get your new trainings and products?
As long as you're a member in good standing (i.e. currently paid), you'll receive EVERYTHING The Book Ninja creates (except partner programs and coaching). So if you're an annual member, you'll automatically get access to every new course and product created under The Book Ninja brand for the 12 months immediately following your initial enrollment.
As Always
All of your trainings and products are ALWAYS available to you in your members area, as long as you're a subscriber (or upgrade to Lifetime Access to any individual product or training). Allow about 30 minutes to receive your Welcome email and login information.
"Totally packed, totally worth it, down-to-earth, tried-and-true, can-use-it-starting-RIGHT-NOW advice. What could be more awesome?"

Jenifer Joy Madden
"Last night I was so overloaded with information. When I went to bed, I was pretty sure I couldn't pull this off. Fast forward to this afternoon and I have the book fully sketched out on paper! Plus, I made a promise to a friend that I'd have the mock up ready the next time I see him (in a couple weeks). Kristen, you have totally delivered above and beyond expectations. Merci!"

Heidi Van 't Riet
"Thank you for sharing your passion, wisdom, skills and resources! I am motivated to FINALLY write my first book. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and now motivation to do something on my own!"

Sandy Rogers
"My publishing company, Realization Press, has taken off since starting to work with Kristen."

Drew Becker
"WOW! Incredible! Thank you Kristen Joy, I woke this morning with all kinds of ideas to create a series of books that combines my art background, creativity coaching and spirituality! So grateful for you!"

Catherine M. Foster
Refund Policy: Due to the astronomical value and the included materials which match exactly the offer described on this page, no refunds are available for this program. Membership auto-renews until canceled and may be canceled at any time.
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